DLP 212

DOW™ Latex Powder (DLP) 212 redispersible polymer powder is a free-flowing, white powder obtained through the spray drying of an aqueous vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer dispersion. It offers all the advantages of a free-flowing powder additive, such as ease of transportation, storage and handling. DLP 212 can be used in a variety of construction applications to improve key properties of cement and gypsum-based formulations.

Typical applications

cement-based tile adhesives

tile grouts

thermal insulation systems (EIFS adhesive and cementitious basecoat)

flexible tile adhesives


gypsum joint fillers

Performance advantages

easy to transport, store and handle

improves workability

improves adhesive strength

improves flexural strength

improves abrasion resistance

excellent impact resistance


These properties are typical, but they do not constitute specifications.

Appearance White, free-flowing powder
Residual moisture, maximum % 2
Bulk density, g/ml 0.400-0.550
Ash content, % 10-14
Polymer base Vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer
Redispersion (50% solids)
- pH
- Minimum film formation temperature, °C



Walocel XCS 47131.00

Product description XCS 47131.00 Cellulose Ether is a hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC).

Application / Advantages

XCS 47131.00 Cellulose Ether was developed for cement-based applications, like cement-based tile adhesives or mortars used in Exterior Thermal Insulation Systems. It imparts well-balanced properties such as

• open time

• standing strength

• adhesion and shear strength

It also imparts good workability and enhances water retention. The selected particle size distribution helps to achieve quick dissolution. It is compatible with all conventional mineral and organic binders. 

Typical Properties





water soluble


000 to 20 000 mPa·s


neutral (2% solution)

Moisture content

max. 7%

  1. Please note that the viscosities and other values shown are typical values for your guidance. They are not to be taken as specifications and are subject to certain variability. Please consult the sales specifications for details. 
  2. 2% solution in water, Haake Rotovisko RV 100, shear rate 2.55 s-1, 20°C

Health and Safety Considerations Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available from The Dow Chemical Company. SDS are provided to help customers satisfy their own handling, safety and disposal needs and those that may be required by locally applicable health and safety regulations. SDS are updated regularly, therefore, please request and review the most current SDS before handling or using any product. For further questions consult your Dow contact person.

Health WALOCEL™ products have had extensive evaluation in both acute and long-term studies in a number of species, including humans. Their many years of use attest to their safety in a wide variety of applications. While the dust may cause mechanical irritation to the skin and eyes under extreme conditions, the products are considered to present no significant health hazard under normal handling conditions.

Flammability Cellulose ether products are organic polymers that will burn when exposed to heat

and a sufficient oxygen supply. Fires can be extinguished by conventional means

avoiding any raising of dust by strong water jets. Dow recommends the use of

water spray, carbon dioxide, or powder extinguishers.


During use or storage, safe handling is required to prevent dusts with air from reaching explosive levels as is true with other organic materials of similar particle size. When handling large quantities, local applicable regulations concerning the prevention of dust explosions should be followed. Additionally, WALOCEL™ products, like other  rganic chemicals, should not be stored next to peroxides or other oxidizing agents. 



Solutions of WALOCEL™ products are slippery. To prevent accidents, floor spills of dry powder should be swept up dry. If the spill is a viscous solution, it should be removed by further diluting with water before disposal. 


Typically, WALOCEL™ products can be disposed of by industrial incineration or in an approved landfill, providing regulations are observed. Customers are advised to review their local, state, provincial, or national regulations governing the disposal of waste materials to confirm the appropriate means of disposal in their area.


Dow has a fundamental concern for all who make, distribute and use its products, and for the environment in which we live. This concern is the basis for our Product

Stewardship philosophy by which we assess the safety, health, and environmental information on our products and then take appropriate steps to protect employee and public health and our environment. The success of our Product Stewardship program rests with each and every individual involved with Dow products - from the initial concept and research, to manufacture, use, sale, disposal, and recycle of each product. 

Customer Notice

Dow strongly encourages its customers to review both their manufacturing processes and their applications of Dow products from the standpoint of human health and environmental quality to ensure that Dow products are not used in ways for which they are not intended or tested. Dow personnel are available to answer your questions and to provide reasonable technical support. Dow product literature, including safety data sheets, should be consulted prior to use of Dow products. Current safety data sheets are available from Dow.


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