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Phthalic anhydride (PA) is a white crystalline compound used to manufacture plasticizers, pigments, dyes and resins. One major consumer of PA is the phthalate plasticiser industry, the products of which are used to produce flexible plastic products such as wire & cable applications, hoses, pipes, coated fabrics, roofing membranes and swimming pool liners.

PA is used in the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) that are usually blended with glass fibers to produce fiberglass-reinforced plastics. Principal consumer markets are the construction, marine, and transportation sectors. PA-based alkyd resins are used in paints and lacquers that go in to architectural, machinery, furniture, and fixture applications.

In India, the pigments and dyes industry is a big consumer of PA because India is amongst the largest producers of organic pigments, particularly phthalocyanine blue, green and some high performance pigments. In addition, PA is used in the manufacture of products like herbicides, insecticides, insect repellents, fire retardants, polyester polyols, rubber scorch inhibitors, etc.





Date: 02.05.2016     REACH No. 01-2119472428-31-0008
Chemical Formula: C4H2O3 PACKING a) Net 25 kg - Paper Bags
Structural Formula:     (PP Woven Laminated Bag with Kraft Paper Outside) Palletised - 40 Bags (1.0 MT) per Pallet Stretch Wrapped Packing Full Container Load Consists of 21 Pallets = 21 MT or 21.6 MT
Molecular Weight:   98.06 b) Net 500 kg - Bulk Bags
Application & Uses:   (PP Woven Bag with PE Lamination plus an Inner Liner) Palletised - 2 Bags (1.0 MT) per Pallet.  
Maleic Anhydride is an important Organic Acid Anhydride. It is used in the manufacture of wide range of products like Un-saturated Polyester Resins, Alkyd Resins, Lube Oil Additives, Paper Sizing Chemicals, Insecticides and Fine Chemicals.      



S.No Characteristics Units Guaranteed Test Method Remarks
01 Appearance - White Briquettes Visual  
02 Purity Wt % 99.80 Min SAP/LAB/10 Gas Chromatography
03 Molten Color APHA 20 Max ASTM D 1209  
04 Molten Color (After Heating) APHA 40 Max ASTM D 1209  
05 Solidification Point °C 52.5 Min ASTM D 1493  
06 Ash Content ppm 10 Max ASTM D 482 Gravimetry Method
07 Iron Content ppm 2.0 Max ASTM D 1068 UV Spectrophotometer


Quality can be maintained for long periods by;

a) Products are to be stored inside buildings with no direct exposure to Sun.

b) Humid conditions and Moisture entry inside the storage area are to be prevented.


c) Bags are handled with care to prevent damage and the product is not exposed to atmosphere until it is consumed.




Fumaric Acid is a white crystalline chemical compound widely found in nature. Fumaric Acid is an essential ingredient in plant life. It is used in the manufacture of medicines, drinks, food, animal feed, cleansing agents, unsaturated polyester, alkyd resins, and printing inks. When used as a food additive, Fumaric Acid results in long lasting sourness and flavor impact. Fumaric Acid is generally used in beverages and baking pre-mixes for Tortilla breads and bakery products.


Animal Feed

Fumaric Acid has proven to be a particularly effective additive to piglet feed during the post-weaning period. The inclusion of Fumaric Acid and the resultant adjustment of the pH value demonstrate improved weight gain, food consumption, and feed conversion ratio. Fumaric Acid remains longer in the gut and helps to maintain pH throughout killing harmful microorganisms.

Industrial Uses

Industrial uses of Fumaric Acid include: unsaturated polyester, alkyd resins, printing inks, paper sizing, starch and helps in lowering reaction temperatures and modify properties.

Cleaning Agents for Dentures/Bath Salts

Fumaric Acid can be used with other ingredients to make cleaning agents for dentures and bath salts. Low moisture absorption and solubility helps to keep the integrity of formulations.


Shelf life of dry tortilla mixes is extended because Fumaric Acid does not absorb moisture during storage and distribution. In wheat flour tortillas, the addition of Fumaric Acid results in easily machined dough and faster production rates.


Fumaric Acid acts as an instant flavoring agent for rye and sourdough breads. Fumaric Acid is added to dough ingredients during the dry blending step. In English muffins, Fumaric Acid significantly increases porosity. Dough machinability is improved and more sourness is provided per unit weight.

Fruit Juice Drinks

Fumaric Acid provides more sourness per unit weight than other acidulants used in fruit juice drinks. This substantially reduces the acidulant cost. Using Fumaric Acid helps to stabilize the pH of a fruit juice drink, which in turn stabilizes color and flavor.


Fumaric Acid can economically acidify wine with no detectable difference in flavor. Fumaric Acid also prevents secondary fermentation after bottling and can act as a clarifier when low concentrations of copper and iron are present.


Fumaric Acid extends the shelf life of acid coated candies because it does not absorb moisture during storage and distribution. Maintaining a low moisture level retards sucrose inversion.

Gelatin Desserts

Fumaric Acid significantly reduces acidulant costs in gelatin desserts. Fumaric Acid maintains non-caking and free-flowing qualities. By keeping the moisture content low, Fumaric Acid helps to maintain the stability of flavor components. Fumaric Acid also increases gel strength, so food processors may reduce normal gelatin content by about 2%.

Pie Fillings

In pie fillings, Fumaric Acid can be mixed directly with the starch and sugar ingredients. Fumaric Acid lowers costs by reducing the quantity of food acid needed in product formulations. Fumaric Acid also improves smoothness and extends the critical cook times for optimum gelation.

Egg White Foams

Fumaric Acid can promote maximum volume in both egg-white foams and end products based on egg-white foams.


Fumaric Acid is an economical fruit flavor enhancer in sherbets and water ices. In gelled desserts, Fumaric Acid enhances fruit flavors and helps stabilize pH to control gel texture.


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